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Scavenger Hunt Bicycle Ride

The Bike Month Humboldt Coalition is putting on an awesome scavenger hunt with a donation of the proceeds going to benefit CAF! Get some exercise, make some friends, and help support animals this Cinco de Mayo!


Fee: No-cost to participate
Ages (UPDATE 4-24-17): This is an ALL AGES event, however, participants under 21 will not be able to compete for the Ortlieb Panniers prize as part of the hunt requires visiting establishments that require you to be 21+. 

Starting Point: Arcata Plaza, look for the bicycles and speak with Justin or Ben
Check-In: 5:30pm, Scavenger Hunt begins at 6-6:15pm
Ride and Task Length: Approximately 2-2.5 hours which includes the Scavenger Hunt and a minature Bike Party Humboldt ride around the plaza and through downtown Arcata to our final destination, Dead Reckoning Tavern, arriving between 8:30-9pm

Items necessary to participate: 
a. Functioning bicycle (you must ride the bike, not catch a lift!)
b. Helmet
c. Functioning head & tail lamp
d. Cell phone/camera for:
1. Photos of clues/locations/tasks
2. Log miles traveled on Strava (optional)
e. Bike lock/chain (optional but suggested)
f. Bag/pannier (optional but suggested)
g. Spare tube, portable pump, and repair kit (optional but suggested)

What you will receive: 
a. List of locations with map and instructions
b. Wristband to confirm your participation
c. "I Bike Humboldt" sticker
d. Raffle ticket(s) if you choose to purchase for a prize (see below)

PRIZES include:
a. Ortlieb Back-Roller Panniers (valued at $160-photo to come), points will be assigned to clues or tasks. Not all locations are necessary to visit in order to participate but the more locations visited or tasks completed, the better chance you have to win! Once verified, most points wins. In the case of a tie, a playing card will be chosen out of a deck with the highest card winning.

b. Revolution Bicycle Gift Certificate (valued at $100), raffle tickets will be sold at $1 a piece with proceeds going to Companion Animal Foundation over in Sunny Brae. You must participate in the ride and be present at the Dead Reckoning when the winning ticket is drawn to claim your prize.

c. Nutcase Bicycle Helmet (valued at $75-photo to come), five playing cards will be given out at specific locations, someone will be there to present riders with one playing card out of a deck each time. At the end of the ride, the particpant with the highest five-card hand wins the prize. in the case of a tie, a sixth card will be given out and the five highest cards out of six wins. 

What you should know beforehand:
The Scavenger Hunt ride is no-cost to participate BUT purchasing raffle tickets for a great cause is certainly appreciated and to accumulate the most points possible, you will be asked to purchase small, very inexpensive items at certain locations (water bottle/patch kit at Revolution Bicycle, beer at Dead Reckoning, etc.). Again, despite not being necessary to participate, its suggested that you bring a little money to purchase raffle tickets at the very least. 

Higher point totals will be awarded to tasks that are further out from our starting point (the plaza). You may be asked to go as far as Mad River Hospital or down to the marsh, so please be prepared. Tasks/locations with assigned points will only be publicized when riders check-in at 5:30pm the day of the event.

Extra points will be awarded to participants that decorate their bicyle with LED lights for the miniature Bike Party Humboldt ride starting at 8:15pm on the plaza at the same starting point. Riders that participate in the Bike Party ride will receive the 5th playing card to make their hand.

Extra points will also be awarded to participants that have registered with the National Bike Challenge website and record their miles during the ride with a smart phone app called strava. Plase contact us for more details.

Most tasks will require that you take a photo of a clue and present that image to the organizers at the end of the ride at Dead Reckoning Tavern. Make sure you have a fully charged battery!

Participants can ride individually or as a group, it does not matter but group members with the same number of points will need a tie breaker!

Cheating in any shape or form automatically disqualifies you from winning any of the three prizes. No ifs, ands, or buts PERIOD! 

We may add additional notes to this section so please check back before the ride!

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