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Save yourself a trip to our location (and save us some ink!) by downloading one of our adoption, foster, or volunteer forms. If you have any trouble downloading and printing out these forms we always have them available at our Sunny Brae location.

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1. My animal is in need of medical help and I cannot afford the bill, can CAF pay it for me?
A. We sincerely wish we could provide free medical care the every animal (and person!) in the world and it pains us to know about suffering in our community. Unfortunately we are neither a veterinary hospital nor a wealthy for-profit organization. We work extremely hard to rescue the animals that we can while spaying and neutering as many animals as possible in Humboldt County to avoid overpopulation. Our thrift stores and specialized grants are all the funds our work and we are unable to help with medical costs beyond spay/neuter assistance.

2. I want to adopt an animal from you but I do not want them spayed/neutered, why can I not get them without that procedure being done?
A. The greatest challenge to our work is the breeding of animals. There are far, far more cats and dogs (and other animals bred as companions) than there are homes to care for them, and this not only causes animals individual suffering but also promotes feral colonies and disease in our community. We love puppies and kittens as much as anyone, but until there are more available homes than available animals there will only be problems promoted through breeding (whether purposeful or accidental).

FAQ continuously updated as questions arise.