Kitten Room
Puppy Pen

Our infamous kitten room is a place for fun and education. This room at our Sunny Brae location is where we keep our healthy, adoptable kittens (anywhere from 10-30 of them at any given time!) so that the public can help them socialize as well as learn how to properly interact with them. We love being able to provide this unique experience to our community! The room is open to the public from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

When we have puppies available, we keep them in a large pen outside our building. The puppies are available to visit during the same hours of the kitten room, but due to arrangements with foster homes they might arrive later or leave earlier in the day. Please call ahead and ask. We are more than happy to let adult visitors take the puppies on walks if they have the time!


  • Visiting is available to all ages, but anyone under 16 years of age needs to be accompanied by an adult guardian.

  • All adult visitors to need to provide photo I.D. (e.g. driver license).

This is a very interactive animal program and is designed for children who have a strong passion to learn more about a variety of animals. This may be because they want to work with animals in some capacity for their career, or it may just be that they want to learn as much as they can about animals. The program includes dog obedience classes, animal care for a variety of creatures, guest speakers, animal nutrition, and so much more.

The program has multiple groups, allowing children 8-14 years old to enroll. Click on the "Youth Summer Program" link to the left of this page to download and print the applications!

2020 Camp Dates:
Animal Friendships (ages 8-10): June 22nd - June 26th, 9am - 1pm
Animal Ambassadors (ages 11-14): July 6th - July 10th, 9am - 1pm

"For the Love of Animals"

Feral  Cat Trapping

The most significant way to help our local cat colonies (and the humans they affect) and prevent diseases in our community is by preventing feral births. We loan out humane traps designed for catching feral cats so that you can help us trap, spay/neuter, and release feral cats back into a healthier, safer community. If you are interested in this program please give us a call or come to our Sunny Brae store so we can make a plan for your trapping needs.

Spay/Neuter Assistance

We do our best to provide financial assistance to low-income individuals who need their cat or dog fixed but cannot afford the operation. Please understand that this is a program with limited funding meant to help those in our community who want to be responsible with their companion but whose financial situation makes it currently impossible, it is not intended as a free discount for anyone who wants an animal fixed. This program does not cover other medical services (e.g. shots, medication, etc.).

  • Must be located in our area, north of Eureka and south of the Del Norte county line (e.g. Arcata, Mckinleyville, Trinidad, etc.)

  • Must income qualify (1 person making $1,700 or less per month) and be able to provide documentation of this. If you qualify for Medi-cal or Calfresh you can use this as documentation. Call us if you need more information on our income scale.

For more information please give us a call (707-826-7387) or come into the Sunny Brae store location.

Our wonderful Cheryl Boden heads up this program with just a few other volunteers which makes catnip pillows that are sold for $1 each at various locations in Humboldt. All proceeds from these pillows (~$3000 a year!) go entirely to helping feed and medicate our rescued animals, and your cat will go bananas for them. Demand always outstrips supply and if you would like to volunteer your time to helping sew them it will automatically mean more money for the animals, contact if you would like to volunteer specifically for this program.


  • Companions Animal Foundation

  • Sunny Brae Animal Clinic

  • Myrtle Avenue Veterinary Hospital

  • Arcata Animal Hospital

  • Humboldt Pet Supply

  • Arcata Pet Supply

  • A&L Feed and Pet Supply

  • Miller Farms Nursery

MeowY Zowie Pillows