CAF Employees


Kim Class, RVT

"I founded CAF in June 2002 because, at the time, Humboldt County was euthanizing between 5-6000 animals with approximately 75% being cats. It's hard to imagine a single animal, let alone thousands in our small corner of the world. I wanted to create a space for the community to come together and do what we call "the good work". 2015 saw us euthanize less than 100 animals. Isn't that the goal of life, to bring beauty and goodness wherever we land? Thank you dear, sweet community members for supporting this organization. Most of all thank you from all those who cannot tell themselves, our beloved animals."

veronica headshot.jpg

Veronica Chapman
Office Manager

"As CAF's Office Manager I bring over 30 years of experience in nonprofit administration to our organization. I am dedicated to insuring that CAF maintains accurate and essential records. By doing so, CAF meets all state, county, and city business requirements as well as all nonprofit status requirements. We are especially conscientious in regards to contribution from our donors, grant reporting, and fundraising documentation."

Diana's Headshot.jpg

Diana Stockwell

"I love working for CAF because it's a group of people who are incredibly passionate about finding loving homes for cats, dogs, and even other animals on occasion. They all need and deserve care and companionship, and I am happy to be a part of providing that for them."

Sunny brae Staff

Ayla Glim
Lead Adoptions Coordinator/Media

"I grew up on the coast in Pacific Grove, California and earned my Bachelors of Arts in English from Humboldt State University in 2013. I am so lucky to work for an organization that prioritizes the health and happiness of animals, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for CAF. I currently live in Sunny Brae with my boyfriend, dog, two cats, and two cockatiels. 

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Natasha Braziel
Sunny Brae Volunteer Coordinator/Blue Lake Thrift Shop

"I love being one of the thrift store clerks at CAF and ensuring that our shoppers/supporters get not only quality items but a friendly feeling every time they choose to visit us. I am a Navy veteran, originally from Tennessee, and have made a lifetime devotion to the betterment of animals. In my off time, I am currently a senior at Humboldt State University seeking a degree in Environmental Science and Management: Policy and Planning as I hope to one day work in Wildlife Conservation efforts. I am also lucky to be accompanied by my 2 emotional support cats, Sophie & Filia."

Shanna Gunn
Animal Care Technician

Joey Croft
Thrift Store Employee

Blue Lake Staff


Kianna Rustay
Thrift Store Employee/Blue Lake Social Media

Our Beautiful  Board of Directors

Kim Class
- RVT, Executive Director

Jan Herdlick
- Board President

Shannon Simpson
- Board Secretary

Jamie Meyers
-Board Member

Alyssa Thom
- Board Member

Amber Ferriman
- Board Member

Tammy Hamm-Jarvis
- Financial Consultant

Special  Thanks to

Jamie Meyers
- Second Chances Program

Cheryl Boden
- Meowie Zowie Program, Volunteer Work