Looking Forward

Companion Animal Foundation opened the doors to our community over 17 years ago, and a lot has been accomplished in that that time! We have helped spay and neuter thousands of animals, rescued and adopted out over 2,000 (as of June 2019) others, and help provide clinics, information, and medical care to hundreds of low-income individuals in our community.

Cat colonies have shrunk and animal euthanization levels have dropped dramatically in Humboldt County thanks to the efforts our foundation and the few other wonderful organizations we work with. The issue of a lack of affordable medical care, especially in more remote and low-income areas, is still an issue that remains as difficult as ever to tackle. As part of solution we have been fundraising money to buy and operate a mobile vet unit which can travel out to areas like Hoopa to provide affordable assistance to those without veterinary hospitals nearby. As of June 2019 we are well over halfway to our $125,000 goal for purchasing a mobile unit!

We are constantly asking the question: Why do some people see animals as unique and important for who they are and others see animals as disposable and worth very little? We believe it all starts with children and the messages they receive throughout their young lives. One of our biggest projects at CAF is the development a humane education program, where children of all ages (and adults) can learn about our unique relationship with animals. With the help of our community, we purchased 18.5 acres of forest in McKinleyville, California in 2014. Here we have begun to manifest CAF’s long time dream of opening a humane education center by running our "For The Love of Animals" summer camps on this land every summer since 2015 and planning for much more. Stay tuned for updates!